Lyndsey Jackson: Creative Business Development Manager

Hello, Lyndsey!

We’d like to give a warm, fuzzy welcome to our new creative Business Development Manager Lyndsey! We’re getting to know her more with each day, and we just can’t keep her to ourselves.


it’s meant to be, baby

It turns out, Lyndsey found Hangar 18 by way of our former Business Manager Katie! Lyndsey says that the moment Katie mentioned her departure from H18, “her and I both kind of looked at each other and were like… ‘I’d be good at that job!’” It was such perfect timing, we knew having Lyndsey join our crew was written in the stars.

Lynds is a Burnaby BCIT BBA Graduate, starting in a marketing management program and then branching off into entrepreneurship. She says completing her second semester in Berlin was a game changer. “It was quite the experience and I met tons of people. The culture, the music and history… It’s such an amazing city. We had some wild weekends!” Other European destinations that top Lyndsey’s list are Italy, the South of France, and Turkey. Next stop for this globetrotter? “Argentina… or New Orleans!”

One thing that struck us about Lyndsey was the variety and versatility of her passions. After completing her degree at business school and then going on to work in the sales industry at a software company for over three years, she decided to spend some time developing another passion at fashion school. Completing the Core Fashion Design program at John Casablanca definitely sparked joy! “My mom is a really good seamstress, so she started teaching me to sew one summer. I did a few projects with her, and then said I said ‘Yes, I would really like to do this!’ So that’s when I did the design program at Casablanca.” Now a talented fashion designer and sewer herself, Lyndsey creates her own garments for a bespoke clothing line and her entrepreneurial spirit drives her in whatever she does.


why hangar?

A big draw to working at Hangar 18 was this entrepreneurship that her role allows.  In working within a tight knit team, Lyndsey says “I feel like it’s more fulfilling. Challenging for sure, but being apart of growing a business and feeling like you have some leverage in it is exciting.” It takes motivation, drive, adaptability, and passion something Lynds has in plenty. She says “I love learning and not feeling stagnant. I’m a big fan of change.”

It’s interesting to see how Lyndsey leverages her creative energy to fuel her role here. She describes how creativity comes in many different forms. “Sales can be creative. Finding ways to reach out to people where they actually engage can be creative, the way you write your emails, and create relationships with people.” It’s all related.


fashion detective

I asked Lyndsey about any weird hobbies she’d like to share, and she immediately mentioned her affinity for crime dramas and psychological thrillers. “Mindhunter, True Detective, HBO’s ‘The Night Of’. I’m a big fan! My boyfriend has said a few times ‘are you sure you want to do fashion, or do you want to be a detective?’” We can totally see how Lynds’ investigative mind lends itself well to her role in developing business!

Interested in what Lyndsey and the H18 Crew can do for your business? We’re here to take your ideas to infinity and beyond. Give us a shout at [email protected], we’d love to chat.