Bold Action Needed

Climate Change and Positive Change 

For years now as a company, Hangar 18 has taken up promoting “positive change” as a core part of our identity. At the beginning of our last fiscal year, we challenged ourselves as a company to “be the change” and increase the amount of work we do in the sectors of environmental and social good to make up 18% of our overall output. We were proud to meet that goal. Now, our sights are set on doing more in 2020 and the decade to follow. We hope that these examples of positive momentum may be a much-needed breath of fresh air in the wake of COVID-19 and what has been a confusing time for a lot of individuals and businesses.

Forward Momentum

We’ve been busy. This past year we’ve had ample opportunity to put our words into action and take part in some meaningful projects. 

    • Our Partner and Co-Creative Director Vida Jurcic recently participated and presented at the Fireworks Factory at Hollyhock, hosted by Capulet Communications on Cortes Island where big ideas like trend spotting, neuromarketing, and campaign ideation change the way you think about marketing and impact the way your organization communicates with the world.


    • Our entire team got crafty creating signs and marched in the Global Climate Strike protest with 100,000 other Vancouverites in what would prove to be a historic day and one of the largest marches ever recorded in city history.


    • The Green New Deal in the U.S. gained a lot of traction in 2019, and Hangar 18 jumped at the chance to work with Capulet Communications to create a brand identity for Canadians to rally behind. It was launched across Canada, known as “The Pact for a Green New Deal”.

    • We continued to work with not-for-profit clients on new affordable housing projects, like Catalyst Community Developmentsa not-for-profit real estate developer that builds vibrant and affordable rental homes for people to live and work in.

    • We worked with the City of Vancouver to create a Climate Emergency platform that was bold, rooted in facts, and hard to ignore. This ‘Bold Climate Action Needed’ campaign included social media, transit advertising, and web content.

    • As a special piece within the Climate Action campaign, we gamified a dialogue kit meant to spark meaningful discussion about climate issues while gathering feedback for the City’s Climate Emergency Action Plan that will go to Council in October 2020. This Kit is meant to engage Vancouverites to help accelerate 53 actions the City of Vancouver is implementing in efforts to reduce emissions and curb climate change over the next decade.

Onwards and Upwards

Hangar 18 is optimistic that we can solve many of the challenges ahead of us with inspired thinking, positive dialogue and collective action with our dedicated partners and clients.

Have an idea to create some “positive change”? Connect with us today at [email protected]. Let’s see what we can create together!