Bowline Cafe

Sit down, have a cup of coffee and relax. Hangar 18 created the custom logo and type for this Galiano Island startup coffee shop. The ‘Bowline’ is an ancient and simple knot used to form a fixed ‘eye’ at the end of a rope; it is often referred to as the King of Knots because of it’s importance. This nautical term is fitting for the quaint Galiano Island, one of the Southern Gulf Islands located between Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland of BC.

The three brilliant owners are serial entrepreneurs who knew what they wanted, and it was our job to listen and create just that. They asked us to highlight the Bowline knot without isolating the non boaters on the island. We love the finished look, modern with a touch of island vibe! 

After the beautiful BC Ferries sailing to Sturdies Bay, stop in for a fresh cup of local coffee at the new Bowline Cafe – see you there!

A brown coffee sleeve with the Bowline Logo on a white coffee cup
A white coffee but with the Bowline Cafe's knot in the middle.