City of Vancouver | Heat Pumps Do It All Campaign


As a means of slowing down the climate change crisis, the City of Vancouver launched a campaign to encourage home owners to switch from fossil fuel natural gas to heat pump technology. We created an icon for the initiative, as well as an outdoor (transit shelter) and social media campaign communicating how heat pumps do it all: keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. We were inspired by the flowing lines of contour drawings, and how they graphically relate to the flow lines of air from the heat pumps. 

The colour palette is drawn from the City of Vancouver graphic standards guide. There are a total of 5 executions, covering multiple demographics and situations. The use of artwork gives it an inclusive, non-racial look, which is truly representative of the population of Vancouver.


Along with the out-of-home campaign, the City of Vancouver had an ongoing campaign through the City of Vancouver’s social media channels, which so far has resulted in the following:

Reach = 93,808

Impressions = 581,589

Link clicks = 13,840