Welcome, Cassidy!

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Watch out universe, there’s a new Business Development Executive and SEO Specialist in town. Her official title is a bit of a mouthful, so we just call her Cassidy. Welcome to Hangar 18!



Cassidy joins us at Hangar 18 by way of BCIT’s Marketing Management and Professional Sales program and got her foot in the door as an intern here last April. On choosing an agency to complete her internship at, Cassidy explains “after taking a few design classes, I knew I was interested in the creative world! My classmates applied and went to multiple interviews for their internships, and I only applied at Hangar 18! I had a gut feeling about it.” And we had a gut feeling about Cassidy, too. Once her time here came to a close, we simply couldn’t bear the thought of saying goodbye. Luckily for us, she agreed to stay full-time. 



When asked how she knew she wanted to go into marketing, Cassidy says “I’d get good grades in school, but there were always comments on my report cards from teachers saying ‘she talks too much! She’s to social!’ So I think I always knew I wanted to do something that involved people.” That experience also lead to the development of her personal motto ‘embrace what defines you.’ She has definitely made her gift of gab work to her benefit.

After being a dancer for over fifteen years (ask her about her days in Vegas as a Britney Spears impersonator), she attended cosmetology school and worked in the industry for some time before eventually finding her true calling in marketing. Though she still loves the beauty industry, she says “my mom went to BCIT for finance and always told me how great it was. Marketing makes you think creatively so I knew it’d be a good fit.” We were also pleased to find that Cassidy had some serious SEO (search engine optimization) chops to offer. In fact, being an SEO Specialist at H18 is one of the most rewarding aspects of her role, as well as something she says she gets to be quite creative with. “I get into the zone, being able to adjust something and then seeing the results so quickly. Even a change that seems small, once you tap into it you can notice the results very quickly. You get to be creative: finding certain words, placing them in a specific paragraph, mentioning them a certain amount of times… it’s so cool!”

In her sales role, Cassidy describes how there are many different approaches one can take to selling, but she ultimately sees herself as a relationship builder. “Reaching out and networking is so important. It’s about building rapport. You never know where your relationship will grow!”  


Closet queen

We noticed from the get-go that Cassidy seriously had her sh*t together. An organizational queen, she says “I’m very particular… I want things done the right way!” And we can’t help but want some of that attitude in our lives. It didn’t come as a surprise to learn Cassidy had a not-so-hidden talent (though she describes it as more of a hobby) for closet-organizing. She also had quite a successful run as a personal shopper. In her role here at Hangar 18, she’s tasked with finding optimal creative solutions for client projects and budgets, not unlike finding the perfect outfit and coordinating accessories. Cassidy definitely wears a lot of hats, but what we admire most of all is her passion and confidence in her own abilities. Embrace what defines you, indeed!


Curious to hear what SEO Specialist Cassidy and the H18 Crew can do for your business? We’re here to take your ideas to infinity and beyond. Give us a shout at, we’d love to chat.